Mystic Falls
Herzlich Willkommen im Mystic Falls - Everything's falling apart!

Schau dich doch einfach ein bisschen um und tauche in die geheimnisvolle Welt der Kleinstadt Mystic Falls ein.

Erlebe spannende Abenteuer, komme den mysteriösen Ereignissen auf die Spur und offenbare schreckliche Geheimnisse. Spiele einen Bewohner der Stadt, einen Neuankömmling, oder eines der magischen Wesen.

Entscheide dich für eine Seite und erlebe Dinge, von denen du nie zu träumen gewagt hättest.

Spannung, Action und Abenteuer, aber auch Spaß, Freundschaft und Liebe liegen hier an der Tagesordnung.

Über eine Anmeldung deinerseits würden wir uns sehr freuen.

Liebe Grüße das Forenteam


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Alter : Unendlich
Rasse : NPC
Gesinnung : Neutral
Status : Unbekannt
Job : Storyteller
Ort : Mystic Falls
Beitragsanzahl : 201

BeitragThema: Bandlisten   Do 7 Okt 2010 - 2:12

Hier kann jeder seine sogenannte Bandliste reinstellen, also einfach allgemein die ganze Musik, die ihr hört.

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Benutzerprofil anzeigen 425903908 JasminSimone
Juliet Whitmore
Romantical Princess

Alter : 23 Years
Rasse : Human
Gesinnung : Only Good
Status : Unhappy Single
Job : Student (MD & PS)
Steckbrief : That's me
Relations : My Feelings
Outfit : My Outfit
Ort : Julie's Haus
Beitragsanzahl : 410

BeitragThema: Re: Bandlisten   Mi 13 Okt 2010 - 6:09

So, dann fang ich mal an und stell auch meine aktuelle Band- und Songliste rein, aber das sind eigentlich nur die Songs, die ich am PC runtergeladen habe und keine, von meinen CDs.

Songs die ich besonders gerne mag, habe ich mit nem ♥ gekennzeichnet.

A fine firenzy
Almost lover
Near to you

Release me

Alicia Keys
Hoe strong my love is

Ashley Simpson
Beautifully Broken ♥
Pieces of me

Ashley Tisdale
It's alright, It's ok

Aura Dione
You are the reason ♥

Avril Lavigne
Keep holding on
My happy ending
When you're gone ♥

Bethany Joy Lenz-Galeotti
When the stars go blue (feat. Taylor Hilton)

Beyonce Knowles
Broken hearted girl
Sweet dream

Britney Spears
Everytime ♥
My only wish (this year) ♥
Not a girl ♥

Bryan Adams
Everything I do ♥
Here I am
Summer of 69

Cassandra Steen
Funken Liebe

Celine Dion
Because you loved me ♥
I'am alive
My heart will go on ♥
Taking Chances
That's the way it is

Christina Aguilera
Blessed ♥
Sombeody's Somebody

Colbie Caillat
Falling for you
I never told you
Mindnight Bottle
Realize ♥
What I wanted to say

Daniel Powter
Bad Day

Delta Goodrem
All out of love (feat. Westlife) ♥
Can't break it to my heart
Lost without you ♥

Demi Lovato
This is real, this is me ♥

Die Happy
I'am ♥

Warwick Avenue

Faith Hill
There you'll be

FM Static
Take me as I am ♥
Tonight ♥

Out of reach ♥

Gavin Degraw
I don't want to be

Total eclipse of the heart

Hayden Panettiere
My hero is you

Henriette Richter-Röhl feat. Manuel Lopez
You make my day ♥


High School Musical
We're all together

Hilary Duff
Anywhere but here
Now you know

Ich + Ich

Jack Wagner
Going back again
Soul Reason ♥

Jan Sievers
Die Suche ♥

Jeanette Biedermann
Christmastime ♥
No more tears
Rockin on heavens floor ♥
Solitay Rose

Jennifer Kae
Little white lies

Jesse McCartney
Beautiful Soul ♥

Johannes Oerding
So tun als ob ♥
Wann wenn nicht jetzt

Kate Hall
Letzte Träne

Kate Winslet
What if ♥

Kate Yanai
Summer dreaming (bacardi feeling) ♥

Katy Perry
Hot n' cold
Waking up in Vegas

Kelly Clarkson
A moment like this
Because of you ♥
Behind these hazel eyes
Sober ♥

Laura Pausini
I need love ♥

Leann Rimes
Can't fight the moonlight
How do I live ♥
I need you ♥
Life goes on ♥
Please remember ♥
Right kind of wrong
Through your eyes
Wound up ♥

Lee Ann Womack
The Fool ♥

Lene Marlin
Faces ♥

Leona Lewis
A moment like this
Angel ♥
Better in Time
Bleeding Love
Footprints in the sand ♥
Whatever it takes
Yesterday ♥

Lesley Roy
Thinking out loud ♥

Broken ♥
You and me ♥

Lindsay Lohan
I'm not missing you

Linkin Park
Leave out all the rest

Luttenberger * Klug
Super Sommer
Vergiss mich ♥

Du gehst jetzt besser ♥
Leb deine Träume ♥
Vergessen zu vergessen

Mariah Carey
Against all ods
All I want for Christmas
Hero ♥
Without you

Marit Larsen
If a song could get me you

Martina McBride
Concrete Angel ♥

Un ano mas

Metro Station
Shake it

Michelle Branch
All you wanted
Breathe ♥

Miley Cyrus
I hope you find it ♥
Party in the USA
Stay ♥
The best of both worlds ♥
The Climb ♥
Time of our Lifes
When I look at you ♥

This time I know ♥

Natasha Bedingfield

Nikki Flores
This girl ♥

No Angels
That's the reason ♥

No Secrets
I'll remember you ♥

Paolo (Alisa - Folge deinem Herzen)
Scappa con me

Popstars - Allstars
Never give up ♥

Popstars - Du & Ich (Nik & Elif)
Free Falling
Too perfect

Take a bow

Ronan Keating
When you say nothing at all ♥

Listen to your heart ♥

Savage Garden
I knew I loved you ♥
Truly madly deeply

Saving Jane
Better Day
The girl next door ♥
What I didn't say ♥

Selena Gomez

Selina Shirin Müller
Nur einmal will ich wissen... ♥
Weit weg von mir

Sheryl Crow
The first cut is the deepest ♥

Die Liebe lässt mich nicht ♥
Irgendwas bleibt

Simple Plan
Welcome to my life

Sinead O'Connor
Nothing compares to you

I dare you to move

Tata Young
Sexy, naughty, bitchy

Taylor Swift
A perfectly good heart
A place in this world
Baby don' t you break my heart slow
Beuatiful Eyes
Christmas must be something more ♥
Christmas when you were mine
Cold as you
Come in with the rain
Fearless ♥
Forever and always
Hey Steven
I'd lie ♥
I heart
I'm only me when I'm with you
Jump then fall ♥
Last Christmas
Lovestory ♥
Mine ♥
Our Song
Picture to burn
Should've said no
Stay Beautiful
Teardrops on my guitar ♥
Tell me why
The best day
The other side of the door
The way I loved you
Tied together with a smile ♥
Tim McGraw ♥
Today was a Fairytale ♥
White Horse ♥
You belong with me
You're not Sorry

The Calling
Believing ♥

The Corrs
Breathless ♥

The Wreckers
The good kind

Tone Damli
Butterflies ♥

Always there
Before the Storm (Miley Cyrus & Jonas Brothers) ♥
Elevator Love
Even angels fall
Every time we touch
Far far away
Hautnah ♥
How to save a life ♥
I gotta find you
Is it true
Last thing on my mind (Leann Rimes & Ronan Keating) ♥
Love like this ♥
The day we got together
We've got tonight (Jeanette Biedermann & Ronan Keating) ♥
When you believe (Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston) ♥
When you know
You can reach me

Valentina Franco

Vanessa Carlton
1000 Miles ♥

Vanessa Hudgens
I gotta go my own way ♥
Walk away
When there was me and you

Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron
Breaking Free ♥
Can I have this dance
Right here, right now
Start of something new ♥

Whitney Houston
Greatest love of all
I will always love you ♥
One moment in time
Where do broken hearts go

I'm just more

Yvonne Catterfeld
Du bleibst immer noch du
Du hast mein Herz gebrochen
Erinner mich dich zu vergessen ♥
Für dich
Glaub an mich ♥
I believe ♥
Sag mir was meinst du

My Voice ~ Real Love ~ Best Friends[size=11]I never thought we’d have a last kiss and I don't know how to be something you miss

♥️ Juliet Isabella Roseanne Whitmore ♥️ 23 Years ♥️ Student (Medicine & Psychology) ♥️
[/size]I'm not a Princess, this aint a Fairytale, this aint Hollywood, this is a small Town
Now its too late, cause I'm not your Priness and this isn't my Fairytale
I was a dreamer, before you went and let me down
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Yuuki Matsumura


Alter : 325Jahre
Rasse : Vampir
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BeitragThema: Re: Bandlisten   Sa 16 Okt 2010 - 0:26

2PM, 12012, 176Biz, 9GOATS Black Out, 8-eit, -Ashe-, 4way speaker, R-15, 禊-misogi-, 刃KATANA, ∀NTI FEMINISM, バレッタ
Alice Nine, ***'n'ARRoW, Ancafe, Ayabie, Angelo, ALiBi, Ap(r)il, Administrator, Araune, Ageha Biscuits, Ancestral, aicle., ALSDEAD, Anjyu, Anetto, Arashi, Art Cube, ANUBIS, attic, Anzel Stripper
Back★Ground, Brodiaea, Bergerac, Buck-Tick, Boogieman, Big Bang
CindyKate, Canzel, CULT, Chariots, caMin, Celia'xeno
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exist†trace, Eimy
Gizmo, Girugamesh, GazettE, Gallows, GeKiGaKuta, G-zas, Genocide, Gackt, Griever, Galneryus
Hangry&Angry, HEAR, Han-nya, Hyde, Hide, HERO, Heisei Ishin, Heidi., Hime yuri, Hime Ichigo, Hi:BRiD, Halyosy
Juliette, Juliadoll, Jeniva; J e w e l,
Kra, Kagrra, Kyrielle, Kiryu, Kisnate, Kaya, Kaidan Light, Kami(band), KAT-TUN, Kain, Kinya, Kosuke Atari
LYCAON, LAYizm, LoGiQ, Lolita23q, Luna Sea, LuLu, L'arc~en~Ciel, LM.C, Lupo Label
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Oyuugi wagamama dan x PARADEiS,
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Rin, Ruvie, Rocket Diary
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VELGREED, ValettA, Versailles, ViViD, Vidoll, Vanilla Unity
Xover, XodiacK, X-Japan
Yoshida Brothers
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